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Fingal Tourism is developing a local food and drink provenance programme named ‘Dublin’s Coast & Fields’. This initiative will celebrate the land, the waters, the heritage, the people and of course, the produce of North County Dublin. This annual yearlong celebration will be done in conjunction with the food and drink producers, restaurants, accommodation providers, heritage properties and tour guides who showcase regional quality and a sense of place of the region through their menus, hospitality offering and culinary experiences.

Land and Sea

North County Dublin is rich in Land and Sea which reflects the strong farming and fishing ties historically associated with the landscape. The region is particularly known for its horticulture, coastal and fishing villages, Viking settlements and castles. The 88 kilometres of rugged coastlines contain two of Ireland’s leading picturesque fishing ports, Howth and Skerries, which receive daily landings of fish and shellfish. Fingal’s rich fertile lands in beautiful rural areas like Naul, Garristown and Lusk provide numerous amounts of Ireland’s grown vegetables, fruit and herbs which are produced in a variety of ways; great glasshouses, luscious green fields to an abundance of small private and community owned allotments jotted across the region. 

The views from the skies as you land or takeoff from Dublin Airport is one of those breathtaking moments that always make you appreciate how land and water can change throughout the year. 

Fingal Tourism envisage that this initiative will bring the culinary rural landscape and coastal communities together in promoting the people, businesses and events in North County Dublin who deliver a true taste of the region. This brand will show regional quality and a sense of place by celebrating the relationship with the producer, chef, server, tour guides, and the consumer – which could be a local who lives in the area, daily visitor or an international tourist.

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Immerse Yourself

During the development of the programme, Fingal Tourism vision is to develop ‘Dublin’s Coast & Fields’ brand which showcases the experiences available that immerse you in the local food and drink culture. It will list the different culinary events, workshops, trails and festivals that take place in the area that celebrates the diverse array of producers, hospitality and experiences provided within the Fingal region.

The programme will be guided by Fáilte Ireland’s Food and Drink Strategy 2018 – 2023 [view the strategy here] and their brand new Taste the Island initiative launched in 2019. The Taste the Island campaign aims to promote Ireland’s extensive catalogue of food and drink experiences to domestic and international visitors, creating opportunities for Irish businesses to attract higher numbers of visitors outside of the already busy summer months. View the initiative here.

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