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One Water Ireland

We sell a range of bottled water products and donate 100% of profits to clean water projects in the developing world. We source and bottle our water in Ireland. The One brand was launched in the UK in 2005 and has already donated over £18 million.

31 Scholar’s Walk, Lusk Village, Lusk, Co. Dublin


About Us

Every One funds clean water projects in areas that need it most. So far, we have helped The One Foundation raise over £20 million, changing the lives of over 3.6 million people.

One Water was launched back in 2005 with a simple vision: to sell bottled water in the UK to fund water projects across the world. The name One represents the idea that you can’t change a billion people’s lives, but if you can change just One that’s a definition of success.



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Product Ranges

500ml still & sparkling water, 400ml ‘No Added Sugar’ juiced water in 3 flavours – apple & raspberry, orange & mango, cloudy apple.


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The British Airways 100, FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards, World Food Innovation Awards, Lunch! Innovation Challenge

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